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Huge FPS Decrease in Minecraft Snapshot 20w22a



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    • 20w22a
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    • Ryzen 5 3550h GTX 1050 3GB 8GB DDR4 2400 RAM MHz (5.9 usable)
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      There has been a huge decrease in FPS in Minecraft Snapshot 20w22a.

      My FPS in game is stuttering very badly a lot of the times and my FPS gets cut in half and can't even get to 200 FPS in the mines / caves.

      Please fix this bug it will help a lot cause I have a hardcore world that I survived in for more then 200 days and a lot of times when I kill mobs at night or day and will lag so much I can die.

      PC Specs- Ryzen 5 3550h with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 (3gb) 8gb RAM 5.9 Usable.

      Minecraft Graphics- Fancy, 5x5 biome blending, 18 chunks, unlimited FPS, no clouds, mob shadows on, minimap levels 4, V sync off.

      I know it's 18 chunks with 5.9GB of RAM but it worked great in all other versions of the game but this one. 


      (The image is in 20w22a and I let the world load all of that but it still gets a lot of lag spickes that no other version gets 29 FPS is not always but it dips to that a lot)



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