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Villagers become fixated on potential job site


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    • 1.16 Pre-release 1
    • 20w22a
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      The bug

      While villagers seem to handle finding a job site better since this snapshot arrived (20w22a), if they see a potential job site they think they can pathfind to (but can't) they seem to fixate on it forever rather than attempting to pick another job site (even if there's an unclaimed one that's closer to them).

      I discovered this with master-level villagers separated by trapdoors where I placed job sites directly beneath their feet, several of them picked the job site beneath another villager instead of trying the one nearest to them (maybe they don't try it because they think the other villagers take priority? The other villagers never interacted with these job sites however, they just have them listed in their brain data as_ potential_ job sites. This stayed constant over multiple in-game days).

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