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Carriage return symbol can be seen when importing or exporting world generation settings to or from certain worlds


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      The bug

      When exporting world generation settings from a world with at least two words, a [CR] character can be seen in the path name of the resulting .json file when the toast pops up.

      How to reproduce

      Before using either method to reproduce the bug, "Singleplayer" must be chosen first from the main menu.

      Export World Generation Settings

      1. Select a world with at least two words, and then click on the "Edit" button
      2. Click on "Export World Generation Settings" from the resulting menu
        You will notice a [CR] character in the resulting path name

      Import settings

      1. Click on "Create New World" in the world selection menu
      2. Click on "More World Options" and then "Import settings" in the resulting menu
      3. Choose a .json file to import to the world about to be generated
        The same [CR] character can be seen in another resulting path name

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