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Zombies can spawn on Nether Fortresses and Bastions generated before 20w20b/20w20a/20w19a



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    • 20w20b, 20w21a, 20w22a
    • Windows 10, Java 1.8.0_251 64 bit.
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      Mojang team, here I'm talking about something that probably shouldn't happen. On 20w20b, zombies can spawn on Nether Fortresses and Bastions generated before 20w20b/20w20a. This probably is caused because the Nether generation changed many times.

      The seed that I will show is: 8825242716498603998. This world was created on 20w17a/20w18a.
      At world spawn, I created a portal, next I appeared on a Crimsom forest & Nether wastes, where I found a Fortress. I was redesigning the Fortress, replacing some Bricks, adding some other Blocks, and addes some spawners. But on 20w20b, I noticed that zombies can spawn on the Fortress. They appear next to some spawners. Also, when I was redesigning a Bastion, there also generated zombies.

      How to reproduce:

      1) Use seed 8825242716498603998, on 20w17a/20w18a (for the example).
      2) At spawn point, create a Nether portal. There should be a Crimson Forest with a Fortress.
      3) Modify the structure.
      4) For bastions, just go to coordinates shown on images.
      5) Finally, charge the world on 20w20b-a/20w19a.

      On 20w19a/20w20a-b, the biome is a Soul Sand Valley, and there is no Fortress or Bastion. For that reason, I think that this is a problem caused by the changes on 20w19a, or before that version.

      PD: I use spanish language, for that reason there is a blue part on spanish. We love Minecraft too. Thanks for hearing.



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