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/clear command deletes every item in 2x2 crafting-grid


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    • 20w19a
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    • Minecraft Java Edition on macOS Catalina version 10.15.4
      Java 1.8.0_152
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      Using the /clear command in any way clears any item out of a players 2x2 crafting-grid.


      It does not matter which selector you use (as long as it is a player, of course), wich item you clear, or what amount.


      1. (Create &) Open any world between 20w07a and 20w19a (newest snapshot at this time)
      2. Use either a datapack or an active repeating commandblock to run this command every tick: /clear @a dirt 0 or /clear @p stone 1 (or any other varitation, as I said)
      3. Try to put any item(s) in your 2x2 crafting-grid in your survival inventory.
      4. The item(s) is/are gone.


      The bug is since snapshot 20w07a, in 20w06a it wasn't there. 

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