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regenerating chunks and regenerating nether


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      lets start off in saying that i'm playing on the snapshots and its probably because of that.

      i have a server thats hosted on my pc which i play with some friends

      yesterday i saved the server and restarted to lay off some lag, i log back in, and our house is gone. the whole chunk reset to default like i was never there.

      the shocking thing was, that far away from that chunk, we built a mob grinder which was completely normal. and the nether was normal as well.

      so i read on the internet that there were probably problams with the chunk and the game reset it to default.

      luckily (but not so much), i had a save from a couple days ago when i moved the server to the newer snapshot. (and for anyone asking, when i moved it, it was fine)

      i log in, our house is there. but guess what?

      our mob spawner is gone. the nether was completely reset.

      in that save i'm 100% sure we built in the nether and we built the spawner.

      anyway, it wasn't that big of a deal, we said these things happen.

      but the most shocking thing was, we went to search for the fortress that already found, guess what? its not there. somehow, someway, even though its the same seed, the nether regenerated like it was a whole different seed.

      but, the first couple chunks of the nether looked the same. probably because we already loaded them in that save, but everything still disappeared.

      how was that possible? can someone explain?

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