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Pathfinding issues on mobs using bed.


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      Mobs that may use beds as villagers or cats have troubles finding a correct path to bed in small rooms like small village houses. When villagers attempt to go to bed they do not find the correct way and proceed, sometimes with some messed behavior interacting with the door, turning around and walking away or towards the door; but always end up walking around the house and standing out of the house in front of the back wall, right in the same block row where the bed is positioned lengthwise and its top is pointing to and stay there all the night despite zombie waves. Also the villagers can correct and find the way to bed if the player keeps pushing them around the house, near the front wall.

      Also, the same applies to cats, obviously not implying interaction with the door, neither the turning away and walking strange behavior; with the only difference that cats walk and stand outside, next to the side wall that bed is touching instead of in front of the back wall. Cats can also correct their way to bed if player keeps pushing them.

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