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Spontaneously vanishing villagers and bees.



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      I suggest to better close or ignore this ticket and watch MC-183139, which was created with the same topic as this because of a token expiration alert at the creation of this one (I thought that for that reason the system rejected this ticket). The new ticket named before is better redacted than this. I am sorry for the trouble.


      When a village is found and is kept being visited along the days by the player they start depopulating despite of there is no evidence of any kind of threat that could harm them.

      The same happens to bees, that even having a bee nest next to the player's house, from where it can be watched. But even it being checked periodically they keep vanishing and never returning. Also in this case has been kept in mind some risks as the presence of water or rain, if it harms them, so in a matter of days without such factors has been observed that the depopulation tendendy does not vary.

      In both cases it has been proved that breeding does not change the results, still tending to depopulation when babies grow, being these the first to disappear.


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