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Tamed horses can be equipped with a saddle by right-clicking


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      The bug

      You can equip saddles on horses by right-clicking on them, I don't think that this was possible in 1.15.2. Not sure whether this is intended or not but this seems to be more of an oversight.

      This doesn't affect other rideable mobs (that is not a pig/strider) like donkeys, llamas, trader llamas, skeleton horses or even the unused zombie horses. This causes issues like horse armor becoming invisible (MC-182919).

      To reproduce

      1. Spawn and tame a horse
      2. Right-click with a saddle
        The saddle is equipped on the horse


      (In 1.15.2)
      Minecraft 1.15.2 - Singleplayer 2020-05-08 17-39-54.mp4

      (In the latest snapshot)
      Minecraft 20w19a - Singleplayer 2020-05-08 17-50-51.mp4

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