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Some passenger mobs don't count to the mob cap



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    • 20w19a
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      The bug

      Starting with 20w18a some mobs do not count to the mob cap anymore if they are a passenger (e.g. riding a minecart).

      The following mobs are not affected:

      • Mobs which can be part of a raid (e.g. witch)
      • Fish

      Reproduction steps

      1. Open the debug screen (F3)
        The following steps refer to the "M:" ("Monster") mob category shown in the line starting with "SC:" on the left below "Local difficulty:" and above "Sounds:".
      2. Spawn a husk
        The husk is counted for the "Monster" category
      3. Spawn a husk riding a minecart
        /summon minecart ~ ~ ~ {Passengers:[{id:husk}]}

        The husk is not counted

      4. Destroy the minecart
        Now the husk is counted

      Code analysis

      20w19a, Mojang names

      In 20w18a net.minecraft.world.entity.Mob.requiresCustomPersistence() was changed to return whether the mob is a passenger instead of always returning false. This might have been done to fix MC-178013, since this method is also used to determine whether a mob can despawn, but has the probably unintended side-effect described in this bug report.

      Additionally it is not consistent whether passenger mobs count to the mob cap, because the classes overriding requiresCustomPersistence() do not consider the parent result.


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