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F3 + I copies UUID(s) of passenger(s)


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      The bug

      When copying the NBT of a mob using F3+I, the UUID of that mob is not included in the resulting command (see MC-175830), however the UUID(s) of its passengers is/are still copied. When executing the command, the mob itself is summoned in successfully, however its passengers are not summoned in and a warning is logged in the console.

      To reproduce

      1. /summon chicken ~ ~ ~ {Passengers:[{id:husk,IsBaby:1}],IsChickenJockey:1b}
      2. Look at the chicken
      3. Press F3 + I
      4. Open a command block
      5. Paste the command inside and activate it
        Keeping entity minecraft:husk that already exists with UUID <...>


      Found by Rays in this video: https://youtu.be/uJVkdTpdI2o?t=429

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