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Horse runs away. Player appears dismounted, player is still affected as if still mounted



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    • Snapshot 13w24b
    • Windows Vista, Java 7, update 21 (build 1.7.0_21-b11)
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    • Survival


      While riding a horse, I hit the jump key (which I map to the z key in options). I appeared to dismount but the horse galloped in the direction we had been headed by itself.

      As I was following it, I noticed my health bar was indicating I was talking damage although I couldn't see the source of the damage. Happened a few times. After about a minute, I was suddenly teleported into a cave where the horse was milling about and I was taking a suffocation damage although I couldn't see the source of the damage and was still moving about independently of the horse. Then I died.

      The horse was wearing a saddle and iron armor.

      I reloaded the save (for incidental reasons, I restarted Minecraft first) but I could not reproduce this issue. Jumping on a horse worked fine. I tried with and without the horse armor. The only time I could reproduce getting forcibly dismounted as by going in water. I had to build a bridge underneath the horse to regain control of it.




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