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Fishing Rod does not collect anything from water



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 20w18a
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      When fishing in the water, if a fish or anything is heading for the line, once it reaches and you try to fish it out, it will not work, the line will stay in the water, the subtitles do update correctly only the fishing rod does not.


      What happens:

          Going to catch a fish:

      • Fishing rod does not update, nothing gets fished and put into the inventory. This is not expected, something should be fished from the water and put into the inventory.
      • Fishing bobber does not come out of the water and just stays in the water.


          Nothing to fish:

      • If there is nothing below the line to catch, the fishing line will come out of the water correctly as expected.


      To replicate:

      1. Install or extract Java JDK 14.0.1 to any location
      2. Run Minecraft and create a new installation:
        1. name doesn't matter
        2. version must be snapshot 20w18a
        3. java executable pointed to the extracted or installed location as specified in step 1, in the <bin folder>\javaw.exe
      3. Start the installation, once spawned in the new world, create a fishing rod and head to the nearest river.
      4. Throw the fishing rod and wait for a fish to arrive at the fishing rod. Once a fish arrives, pull the rod in as if you are going to catch the fish.



      • This world does not have any mods running on the client side and is a plain vanilla world.
      • The world is not open to any servers nor has been setup in a server environment.


      To note:

      • This has worked perfectly on previous java version using the same system. Tested on 14.0.0 and JDK 8 series too.
      • Some of the attached images may be similar however they are at different times and on separate images.


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