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Players can charge and interact with empty Respawn anchors outside of the Nether


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      Respawn anchors outside of the Nether should explode when the player interacts with them. This includes right clicking when they are not charged, or when trying to charge them with glowstone. This is how it works in Bedrock and how the design is supposed to work.

      In the Java Edition, Respawn anchors outside of the Nether only explode when the player tries to set their respawn point with them. Players can right click an empty anchor, and can charge them with glowstone without them exploding.

      Repro Steps:

      • Place a Respawn Anchor in the overworld
      • Right click it (with and without glowstone)
      • Charge it with glowstone.
      • Lastly, right click the charged Respawn anchor with an empty hand.

      Observed Results:
      Bedrock: It explodes if the player interacts with the anchor in any way.

      Java: It only explodes if the player attempts to set their spawn point outside of the Nether.

      Expected Results:

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