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HD Compass PNG prevents Resource Pack from loading properly; results in a combined half-Default, half-custom resource pack


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      I have a resource pack which will not load properly unless I remove the compass.png and compass.png.mcmeta files. Altering the mcmeta parameters does not fix it, even if I define "width" and "height" as 32 (the size of the tile), or if I define them as 1 and 96 (the number of frames on each axis), or if I omit them altogether (as the Texture Ender did, and as I have attached below).

      Attempting to load this pack will just switch you back to Default after a moment. No console output is generated. Strangely, although the game says you are on the Default texture pack, most items will be from the custom texture pack. All blocks, however, will be Default.

      The pack loads fine if the clock files are removed, and the original Texture Pack worked fine up until the resource pack system was added. The attached is an output from Texture Ender, with unnecessary folders removed.

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