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Some sounds are not correctly played back ingame


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      I found an issue with the sound when breaking Netherrack blocks. A high pitched noise is produced when you try to break or when you break Netherrack. I located the sound files of the block and the sounds by themselves are clean of this noise however in game the sounds of breaking Netherrack are different and they contain this noise which is very annoying when mining , especially when mining many blocks since this sound adds up because it is contained in most of those breaking sounds.

      I have attached an audio file , it is a compilation of
      1. the clean breaking sounds from the assets folder
      2. the breaking sounds from in-game with the sound problem 
      3. the breaking sounds  **  from in-game with the sound frequency gained 
      4. the breaking sounds from in-game with sound frequency cut-off as it should be.

      I also have attached a picture of the Frequency Analyzer showing the problem (7817 Hz) and the EQ i used with the exact high frequency cut-off with a notch, 

      Update: Same issue with Shroomlight blocks.

      Note: I am a sound engineer and i am wearing good headphones however i believe it will be heard from others and could be very annoying to some people.

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