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Striders go way too fast in one-block spaces.


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    • I performed this test in Java edition on a creative superflat world. Snapshot 20w13b.
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      So I was messing around with striders in my test world, and I wanted to see how fast they were with speed II compared to normal boats on water. So I created two lanes. One was two blocks wide filled with water for the boat, and the other was one-block wide filled with lava for the strider. After timing the boat, it was time to test the strider. When I started moving, I noticed the strider was going extremely fast when I was slightly facing it diagonally in the one-block space. At first, I thought I had accidentally set a large amount of speed for the strider, as I had been messing around with strider speed on lava prior, but I kept on spawning new ones, and it kept on happening. Just to make sure I wasn't crazy, I loaded up a new creative superflat world, and sure enough, the same issue happened again. If you want to see what happened, please check out the video that I have attached below. This could be extremely overpowered when it comes to traveling in the nether, and it probably should get fixed.

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