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Gamerule Softlock in 20w13a


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    • 20w13a
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      If gamerule "DoMobSpawning" of the world is "false"

      And I command "/kill @e", I died.

      And I can only see the color of my skull, I can't use my mouse to move.

      If I use third person, I can see my name on my character.

      But everything are alright, I can use "/tp" and "/summon".

      If I kill myself at this situation, I can move my vision now but not my body.

      And I can break blocks in this moment.(I can't sit in the minecart but I can move my position in this way)

      And I can change my game mode to spectator.(And I can't move)

      I can summon a bee and look on its view, but I can't leave its body.

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