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Cannot move after respawn in snapshot 20w13a


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    • 20w13a
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    • Playing on windows 10. Java version 8 update 221. The world seed is 696969696969696933. Playing in survival, hard mode.
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      What I expected to happen was...:
      I would be able to respawn like normal after being killed or dying. 

      What actually happened was...:
      After I died the first time, to a creeper, I respawned at spawn, but my camera in first person default view, showed the inside of my minecraft player model causing me to not be able to see anything. Pressing f5 allows me to see my player in 3rd person view but I am unable to move, and pressing left click causes me to hit myself and subsequently die again and repeat the process. 

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Get killed by a creeper while in a boat (not sure if it matters or not but that's how I died originally. 
      2. Respawn at spawn. (If it bugs for you, you will not be able to see anything besides the inside of your player model. Press f5 to see yourself. I noticed a couple times my player was completely invisible as well. 
      3. See if you are able to move, pressing left click should damage yourself. 

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