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Trapped inside body glitch


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      So heres the story.

      I was playing around with the newest snapshot on Minecraft by going into survival (with cheats) and went into the nether, I then took a lot of damage so I effected myself with this command "/effect give TheBeastlySoul minecraft:health_boost 1000000 255 true" which of course gave me a lot of health, but I realised I wasn't healing because it just gave me more health, so I gave myself regeneration, same command but just regeneration, but then died.

      After I respawned, I still had all of the hearts I gave myself before, I knew something was wrong, I could move but everytime I jumped it was a little glitchy, werid I thought, so then I tried removing the "effect" but it said I had no effects on me, so then I killed myself (with commands), then when I respawned, I cannot move.

      In first person I was inside my head, In second person and third, I was just looking at myself, but not on a certain angle, I could look at myself all around me, like 360 degrees, I could still punch stuff but only the direction I was facing at, commands still worked tho, I tp'ed myself 10 blocks down and it worked but nothing happened, quiting then rejoining didn't work either.

      I know any vanilla player wouldn't encounter this glitch, but someone who could be working on something could just start messing around with commands and end up like this, so I hope you find a solution to this glitch! Thanks!




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