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Dying "Softlocks" World


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      Bug: When dying in the newest update, you respawn "inside of yourself" (See fig1.png). You are unable to move or jump in this state. Upon reloading the world, you die again, and are sent back into this state (fig2.png).

      Specifics of the Softlocked State: In 3rd person mode, the player's gamer tag is visible (fig3.png). Teleporting via commands moves the camera, but not the player's avatar (fig4.png). When doing this, left clicking causes the avatar to make the "punch" animation (not pictured). Giving the player items via commands or through the creative mode inventory causes the item to "bounce" in the hotbar (the "pickup" animation plays on a loop) (fig5.png). If items are given to the player after teleporting, the player is able to place them (fig6.png). If the /kill command is run, the player is not killed and the output is: "[Player:] Killed Player" (fig7.png)

      To Reproduce: Enter a world on 20w13a. Bug occurs when player dies. I have replicated it by being killed by a Zombified Piglin, the /kill command, and drowning, and suspect other methods would work as well. The /kill command causes the bug, even in creative mode.

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