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Corrupted Word after using a respawn anchor


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      So i putted a dispenser filled with glowstone next to a respawn anchor , activated it 10 ten time , died , then respawned . This also work if you put a respawn anchor but you don't use it. When i respawned , if i left clicked , it would update the block in a nether version version of the block . For exemple , if in the normal world at 543 25 17 there is a diamond block , and in the nether at 543 25 17 there is a basalt block , if i left clicked on the diamond block , it would become a basalt block , and if i do a right click , it would be back to the normal . And also i'm in god mode and i can't go into the nether . If i disconnect then reconnect i die and if i respawn i have an out of body experience . Then if i hit by left clicking , i hit my self and can even kill myself .

      Also i forgot something , when i'm  out of my body , i can control myself and see my skin doing something . I can't move while out of my body but i can break things under the camera . But the mob shoot the skin , not the camera . And , even if my skin is dead , i can still do something as my camera and i don't have the "You died!" text if i'm far from my body . But if i break a block under me out of my body , it will repop just after . After disconnecting and reconnecting , i finnaly got the "You died!" screen. So i teleported into the nether with the /tp and there was the overworld mob in the nether. Ok so , i teleported myself into the end , and i can see my skin , but can't move . I'm using /tp to move , and i have the same thing that in the nether . The overworld mob are into the end . But the end is not loaded . Also , i can't use the /gamemode creative command . When i gived myself a flint and steel , my flint and steel was glitched . (See "GlitchedFlintAndSteel.png" ) . Also , i could hit the mobs only one time . I used /tp Mastabey  and i died .(see tp mastabey.png). I respawned and this appened . When i left click , it breaks the block , logic . (see leftclick1.png and leftclick2.png). But , if i right click , it replace the block , even if i don't have anything in my hand . (see rightclick1.png and rightclick2.png , rightclick1 is before clicking and rightclick2 is after clicking where i broke the blocks) . Also , i can't go into the nether without using /tp . Also , mob are not trying to kill me ! (See MobNotKilling.png) I tryied to use the /locate command to locate a mineshaft and other things but it coudn't find anything . Then i found a  mineshaft , have done the /locate mineshaft and it coudn't find it even if i was inside of it . (See Mineshaft.png) If i try to spawn a mob , it doesn't work , even if my game is not in peacefull (see MobDoesntSpawn.png).  I teleported myself in the nether with a command, and , if left click , it break a block . it's normal. But if i right click , it update the block to change them into overworld block . (See weirdNether.png)       I HAVEN'T FINISHED THIS , BUT I NEED TO SLEEP. I WILL CONTINUE LATER THIS DAY.

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