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Lodestone is REALLY broken...


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      The Lodestone is a bug-making machine! At first, I decided to place a Lodestone in the nether to test it out. I went on to play with some Striders, and then decided to come back to the Lodestone. I said to myself "What happens if I break the Lodestone? Will the Compass turn back to normal?" Little did I know I was VERY wrong... as soon as I broke the Lodestone the Compass started to flash and spin more wildly then normal for the Nether. I thought it was funny, so I went out to the Overworld and named the Compass "I broke it!" I then decided to place a Lodestone down again to see if it worked in the Overworld. It then disappeared. So I said "Maybe the developers are going to put an animation in for that." Afterwards i wanted to place a Chest down for my new friend, the broken Compass, but that disappeared, too. I noticed other things began breaking around me like my Trident only flung in one direction. So I relogged only to see that I had died... in Creative? I respawned, but I was inside myself unable to move. I turned my head, but my body didn't move with it. So I /killed myself, and I didn't die. Only my body did. So with commands, I slowly but surely teleported myself to the Nether portal, and when I went in, I died for real. I came out able to move, but i was back at square one. No blocks. Funny Trident. Unable to pick things up. I relogged again only to see I was stuck.


      I looked around on the bug reports and found fragments of what happened to me, so I guess this is a compilation of them all? I hope i can play my world again...

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