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Various issues upon death in different dimensions


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      Dying in the Overworld and respawning into the Overworld

      • The camera is inside of the character
      • The player cannot move
      • Blocks cannot be placed or broken and mobs cannot be interacted with
      • The camera can still rotate, although the player can only interact with objects directly in front of the character
        • Items only drop ahead of the character
      • Upon killing the player again, the character vanishes
        • Blocks and entities can now be interacted with in any direction, but items still drop ahead of where the character was
        • Player still cannot move

      Dying in the Nether/End and respawning in the Overworld

      • Player can move around and interact with objects, but with no result
        • Broken blocks aren't actually broken (ghost blocks), blocks cannot be placed, entities cannot be interacted with, items cannot be dropped, etc.
      • New chunks will not generate
      • Mobs will only spawn around where the player had initially respawned
      • Upon attempting to teleport to specific coordinates, the player will be teleported into the dimension where they died (Player was never able to truly respawn?)


      Dying in the Nether/End and respawning in the same dimension seem to have no negative impact

      Saving and quitting the game then reentering the world brings the player back to the Death/Respawn Screen

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