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      Hello, today I found a very interesting bug that is located in the version of minecraft 20w13a

      The bug is that after death  and pressing the button to observe the world, the player as it were dies, but is reborn without having control over his body

      When you hover the cross over the player's body, enter the command and click the Tab button, you can find out that the player id is 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000

      If you enable cheats and teleport somewhere, the camera will change position, but the body will remain

      If you hit a body during spawn, it will take damage. This way it can be killed. At death, the body will disappear, but the camera will remain

      Hostile mobs will not attack the body

      the body will also not burn and sink

      also the body becomes invulnerable to any effects

      when you re enter the world the player dies again and the bug repeats

      If you take an object in your hands it will appear in the hands of the body

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