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Second respawn after respawn anchor is depleted paralyses player


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      To reproduce:

      • charge respawn anchor
      • set your spawn on it
      • die (up to 4 times, until the respawn anchor is depleted)
        → You respawn at the anchor, as expected.
      • die
        → You respawn at world spawn with chat message, as expected.
      • die
        → You respawn at world spawn, but the character does not respond to any controls. Moving the camera works, but it doesn't turn the character's head. Walking does not work at all. Teleporting works, but it does not move the character, just the camera position. Teleporting with "^ ^ ^1" teleports to the view direction from before the previous teleportation. Chunks do not load past the render distance away from the character. Items thrown appear in front of the character. Blocks broken or placed are ghost blocks or re-(dis)appear. In general everything is weird and unplayable.
      • set your spawn point manually with "/spawnpoint"
      • close and re-open the world
        → You die. When you respawn, you are no longer paralysed.

      Video showcasing some of the weird effects: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBH-sreoJg0

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