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formatting codes don't work with renaming items



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      Using formatting codes in the translations of item names causes the formatting codes to be able to be partially removed by the player, which causes the section sign to be seen or be combined with other symbols to create new formatting codes.

      Committing the rename however removes the section sign, only leaving whatever symbol was used to make it into a formatting code.

      How to reproduce

      1. Use this as the selected language file:
        {{ {"block.minecraft.stone": "§1test"}


      2. Place a normal stone block in an anvil and remove all the letters you see
      3. Press "Delete"
        • The empty space will be turned into a section sign
      4. Add "2test" to the item name
        • The section sign will disappear and "test" will become green instead of blue
      5. Commit the item edit
        • The resulting item will be named "2test" without any color

      What I expected

      The player should not be able to split the formatting codes. Either they shouldn't be able to be removed at all or removing part of the section sign means removing both symbols.

      What should have happened would therefore be one of the following possibilities:

      • Step 3 has no effect, after step 4, the item name will be "2test" with a blue color and committing the edit makes the item name exactly that.
      • Step 3 removes the formatting code entirely, making all the following steps the same as if you renamed an item with the default translations, while committing the item keeps the same color as the text in the edit field.
      • The preview removes all the formatting codes from the start, while also removing the other half of the symbol and giving a preview that corresponds to the final result.


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