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Target block maintains redstone signal when pushed by piston



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      Java Edition on Windows 10
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      The new target block, if moved by a piston, maintains its redstone output indefinitely until a new projectile is fired at the block to update said signal. This behavior does not seem intended and can lead to wacky redstone timer designs using the target block feeding its signal into a sticky piston that pushes the original target block. The redstone signal does not reset upon relogging. 

      In the three pictures titled "unintent_timer", I have a picture of the circuit I was messing around with when I discovered the "sticky redstone signal". The "unintent_timer_layout" is the circuit at rest, while "unintent_timer_running1" and "unintent_timer_running2" are just two of the rapid fire screenshots I took to try to capture the timer running in picture form. Please construct that circuit as you see it yourself for a deeper dive as the pictures do not do it justice. Redstone timings may have some impact on the "stickiness" of the signal freezing. I apologize that I cannot provide a video myself, and I hope my pictures are a good starting point to begin investigating this issue. 

      In the three pictures titled "signal_experiment", I have set up two repeaters at the locations where a target block could be when pushed and pulled by a sticky piston. As per the previous naming scheme, the "signal_experiment_layout" is the circuit at rest before any projectiles are fired. "signal_experiment_frozen shows the sticky piston having spit out the target block and the arrow that triggered the piston firing having fallen down to the ground. Despite this, the target block emits a continuous redstone signal which keeps the right repeater powered. This signal state persists so long as the target block is not affected in any way. Firing a projectile at the target block again as shown in "signal_experiment_reset" causes the target block to de power, causing the sticky piston to fire again to retract the target block. Again, I apologize I cannot provide a video myself and I urge any bug fixers to play around with the provided circuit yourself to see specific interactions and redstone timings. 


       - BluEch0


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