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Very poor perfomance on minecraft 1.14/1.15


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    • 1.15.2
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    • 8gb 2xintel xeon 4gbps ssd
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      The server performance is very bad i have hired an server with 2 intel xeons and 8 gb of ram and unlimited ssd storage. And i having 8 ticks when having 6 players including me online and i have the cpu pinned at 100% almost everytime we play this getting kinda stupid that a server that i pay more than 20 euros a month to play 6 classmates it performs poorly when i was playing on the same server in version 1.7.10 with 90+ mods that keeps a lot of chunks loaded always at all time 24/7 and i didnt manage to even hit 100% cpu utilization not even 40%.And the memory on 1.15 its at 80% while doing almost anthing, no automated farms, not redstone clocks, we dont even have animals only one person has like 6 cows and 10 chickens at his house.

      This is getting very unreal the bad perfomance that minecraft getting.

      I will add the debug file from /debug if you want take a look at it

      I hope its gets fixed soon the game its starting to get unplayable 

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