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Netherite Helmet Enchantment Glowing/Effect Bug



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 20w09a
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      OSX; Java edition
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      » In the 1.16 snapshots, the netherite helmet (enchanted) has an issue that depending what direction you are facing, the enchanted glowing on the helmet simply doesnt appear.

      • When on the ground (not flying), the helmet just starts glowing on your screen (use 3rd person mode to check it) only when you are facing from 19 degrees to 90 degrees (facing down)

      • On 3rd person mode, enchanted netherite helmets on armor stands will only show its enchanted effect when you are facing +19 degress BUT the degrees "change" depending on how close you are from the armor stand

      • The enchanted netherite helmet you are wearing will always have its enchanted glowing when there is any armor stand appearing on screen or when the "camera" (when in 3rd person mode) is close to it 

      • Holding ANY item even on the off hand doesnt let this bug happen, meaning that the helmet doesnt lose its enchanted effect even if you are looking to any direction while holding an item

      • I made sure i wasnt using any texture pack or any mod and just Vanilla Minecraft to test this bug

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Wear an enchanted netherite helmet or place it (enchanted netherite helmet) on an armor stand (or even on a mob, Im not sure)

      2. Go into F5 mode (3rd person mode)

      3. Just look in different directions (west/east/north/south & up/down) and the helmet will only show its enchanted glowing in some specific directions / reproduce the steps that I did showed above (going to 3rd person mode, facing 19 degrees to test if it does glow and etc..)


      Sorry if I made this confusing, but explaining when the helmet does glow isnt easy...


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