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Grafical Bug when trying old dismount in a Minecart


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    • Snapshot 13w21b, Snapshot 13w22a
    • Windows XP Professional SP 3, Java 7u9
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      Grafical Glitch when trying to dismount the Minecart with "Right-CLick"

      What I expected to happend was...
      When I try to Dismount a Minecart with "RMB", nothing will happends
      What actually happened was...
      When I do this, the Minecart while stop for ~ 0,5 Seconds, and then it is back
      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Place Minecart Tracks
      2. Get into a Minecart.
      3. Try to dismount the Minecart with RMB
      4. Notice that the minecart suddenly disappears, and then appears again.

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