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Will not let me connect to one specific server. VERSION 1.14.4



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    • Affects Version/s: 1.15.2
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      Windows 10 64 bit. VERSION 1.14.4
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      Hello, I am currently struggling with an extremely annoying bug. Today, I decided to log onto my minecraft server (hosted by shockbyte) to continue working on it. When I attempted to join the server, everything on the load screen was fine, but then when I loaded in, I was spawned in thin air, with nothing around me. Slowly mobs started spawning in (I could see them like I had xray but no blocks where selected). Then the map loaded in. Everything was fine for a few seconds, until I realized that (A the second layer of my skin wasn't loading and (B my inventory was empty. I assumed it was just a bug and went on waiting. 10 second later, I am kicked from the server with the error message Internal Exception: java.io.IOException: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. When I retry, the same thing happens. I procced to reset the server but to no avail. I then decide to use my phone as a hotspot to see if that works. When I log in, everything works! I think that everything is fine and it is just my router, after flying around for a bit, I get kicked. Same dang error. I switch back to my ether net. I have no idea what to do now because none of the online guides work. Another thing I noticed is that I am able to join other server perfectly fine, but not my own. I then assumed it was a server bug, but then realized my friend was currently on it, everything functioning perfectly fine. Logs also stated that I timed out. I am currently confused and rather sad.


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