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      Version 1.15.2 is being used on a Windows 7.
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      I created a world called The Plane, and later renamed it and called it Vacation. I built up an airport and when I got to the 3rd floor, I wanted to use a command block in those tunnels to get onto the plane. The command block had a pressure plate, but I guess I did something wrong, because it wouldn't work. This isn't the reason I'm reporting an issue. I continued by reprogramming the command block. I walked onto it and successfully managed to get on to the plane. But the problem was that I programmed it to constantly teleport me every fraction of a second, and then a bunch of things that say that I've been teleported to this area. I couldn't move at all. I tried all possible ways. Here's the list:

      • Ender Pearls
      • Throwing an arrow at the concrete wall, and which behind it was the command block.
      • In-Game Killing (with cheats)
      • Teleporting Myself (with cheats)
      • Breaking all the blocks around me
      • Getting another mob to push me (well, not exactly, but it probably won't work)
      • Flying
      • Disabling Command Blocks (with cheats)
      • Placing a command block underneath me, placed a pressure plate in front of it, and coding the command block to teleport me to my main building
      • Reloading the Game
        I think the only thing I can do is have another player come in and destroy or reprogram the command block, but I am not comfortable with this. This world means a lot to me. I would not like to delete this and hope that there is another way to figure this out other than what I've listed.
        Thank you for reading!




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