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    • 1.15.2, 20w06a
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      bug name:Incorrectly colored potatos and carrots

      potatoes and carrots are not colored the right way

      back then potatoes were a differently colored they were a strange purplish black like color, red, today's color, and brown

      and carrots were yes BLUE!!!

      Mojang Your Texturing Is Wrong REALLY WRONG

      this will be updated once I get more info

      trasher yes you the mod please reconsider kids could fail on history tests because of this

      trasher I will give you time to think 1 day that's it

      sometimes I question you mods like sometimes peps gotta break rules it has to happen aleast once in someones life

      wether for a friend or a report that makes sense with proof (me) it has too happen ok?

      I hope to see this fixed in 1.16

      if not well... (I forgot what too say)




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