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      So with my name you may not take me seriously but this is very serious in my case. I've been playing lots and lots of vanilla to either look for bugs or to just to simply enjoy your game. And I found the most devastating bug in my Nether. Multiple chunk errors have been happening in my Nether, the Overworld is all fine, no errors. In what I mean by chunk errors isn't simply the old chunk error where the chunk wouldn't load but it's completely different. Chunks begin to duplicate and be placed anywhere at random, or move to a completely different area which kinda messed up my planned Nether Hub. I know that they duplicate because I've seen chunks of a path I have made in a completely different area, like a torch I placed ended up many blocks away from where I originally put it. All I did was make my way to a Stronghold and I linked it to my Nether. I decided to check if the coordinates were in the right spot which it wasn't. So I decided to go back to the stronghold and do some "Nether Maths". But as I went to the Overworld or the Stronghold, not only my Minecraft crashed but my PC did as well. And as I went back to my Nether everything was total chaos and my portal to my home area was completely messed. I made a copy of the world to see what damage was caused. I want this issue fixed all because I can't travel the Nether efficiently anymore. This error ruined my Nether experience. Please fix as soon as possible. Thank you Mojang.


      Side Note: (If this helps by any means I'm playing in an Amplified World)

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