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1.13 and above: Memory usage bug


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      Dear Mojang Team,

      I tried to set up a Minecraft 1.14 Server and I discovered a huge Memory Lag Spike in the Minecraft Server Console. So I started to search for solutions on google but i didn't found anything. Afterwards I asked my friends if they could host the Minecraft Server on the version 1.14, > sadly, they had (and still have) the same issues as I do (my friend was on Windows 7). I found out, that it is in the version 1.13 and every version above.

      What we tried: increasing the RAM (up to 16GB), decreasing the RAM (down to 512MB) and hosting the server on another operating system. We even bought a Minecraft Server (with 4GB),

      but it was worse then ever and after some time, there was an error in the console called: ,,Can't keep up! Is the server overloaded?". The server software and the bought server made no difference.


      Greetings, Jens Hendrik Geisen


      My specs: 

      GTX 980 Ti (6GB)

      Intel Core i5 8600k

      16GB 3000MHZ RAM (DDR4)

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