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    • 1.14.4
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      I was casually riding through my world on my horse named Nenon. I stopped near the river to build a bridge for my horse and when I dismount Neon... he disappeared. Normally. I couldn't find him by few days, but happily i did it. Neon was about 400 blocks away from place where he disappeard. 400 BLOCKS AWAY. It happened to me 6 times on 2 diffrent horses. I don't mean every single time horse was finded 400 blocks away, it was about 100-400 block away.
      I don't know is it a glitch or a feature but... if it is a glitch, please repair it, or a feature, please remove it. Traveling hundreds of blocks without a horse IS SO ANNOYING.
      (screenshot taken right after 5th disappear)

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