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      So I have been experiencing some chunk swapping issues after a power outage, leading to my game incorrectly saving. The chunk swaps weren't much of a surprise but it didn't affect me much either as none of my builds were affected. Although they did come close.


      I have encountered a chunk from a build be copy and pasted a few chunks away. Some chunks being swapped out and still containing their behaviour, for example, a swamp chunk got swapped into my acacia biome and it was still had the properties of a swamp biome. And more recently, that has frightened me and urged me to ask for resolution, a chunk was swapped mid session while being LAN hosted. Although I may of just not noticed it the first time it happened, but It's definitely concerning nonetheless.


      I do not run any mods, plugins, resource packs etc. It's a pure vanilla world.


      I have read previous threads but I have some questions that I didn't find answers to.

      1. A there steps that can be taken to solve this issue excluding rolling back old saves?

      2. Will this continue to affect my world? E.g, will the chunks continue to swap, regenerate and copy and paste throughout the world as I continue to play?

      3. If so, is there a way to prevent this from reoccuring or slow down this process?

      4. If the answer to question 2 is yes, does the fixes to this bug in 1.15 be a fix for already corrupted world's?


      I have attached an image showing the most recent finding of a chunk swap in my world.



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