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Game started crashing for no reason



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      So my world has been rather stable most of the time - some chunk errors here and there (sometimes just refusing to load and killing my horse in the process, sometimes messing up the terrain badly, I even have Tundra in my seed at location that should have an entirely different biome according to MineAtlas and Biome Finder) but nothing that would actually crash the whole game

      Until now - I went to the jungle to breed ocelots for the Advancement but I couldnt find any for a long time - then I found one, leashed him, walked around the jungle with him a bit to see if I could see any other but nothing

      Then, the game stopped for a while before displaying "saving the world" screen and then closing the app and the launcher

      I turned it back on, tamed a parrot and walked a bit, and it happened again

      Did the same except Ive also lowered my render distance to 4, particles to minimal and graphics to fast, tamed another parrot and it crashed again

      Tried it again a couple of times, got out of the jungle, crash

      Later Ive just killed the leashed ocelot to see if it couldnt be the cause but it crashed again




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