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    • Affects Version/s: 1.14.4
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      Plains Biome near a village, Seed 8137817033905237831 Block: The five oxeye daisys at 58 70 79.
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      So I'm in version 1.14.4 and I made a pet mule (his name is Greg), I feed him wheat which he excepts. but one time I wanted to decorate his cage, I went to go find a color for his signs, I thought white. I fed him wheat then went to see if the oxeye daisy did white dye, I checked, it was light gray, so I took back the oxeye daisy and put in the slot where the wheat was. I got my wheat back with the oxeye daisy in it's place! I look at the block where it was taken from and it was cracked a bit! sometimes the block part doesn't work, and sometimes the oxeye daisy is duplicated when I first put it somewhere else and then but it in the wheat spot which then one of them is fake and when I place it down it turns into wheat! also, after I feed the mule all the wheat, cows still persist to follow me and that's only when I'm using the used to be wheat spot. I cannot fix this. Here's a video of the glitch (copy and paste into google chrome if the link doesn't work!) file:///C:/Users/weird/Videos/Minecraft/Minecraft%202019.09.28%20-%2011.25.33.01.mp4




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