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Getting exit code "-1073740791" even though my Nvidia drivers are up to date.


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    • 1.14.4
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    • Rtx 2080ti

      Intel I7 8700k

      Samsung 970 PRO m.2 SSD

      G.Skill F4-3600 8gb (I currently have my other stick taken out because of damage but I don't believe ram is the problem)

      Windows 10
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      Hello! Anyone know a solution for exit code "-1073740791"? The only solutions I can find is for an old problem with Nvidia drivers (Which I am well beyond at this point). I've tried everything it feels. Reinstalling java does not do anything. The game only crashes if I'm in 1.8.9. If I'm in a later version of minecraft (1.9-1.14.4) the Minecraft window will just be black and nothing will work. Thank you in advance!

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