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Bees doesn't add a Honeylevel when leaving the beehive


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    • Operatingsystem: Windows 10 pro

      Java Version: Version 8 Update 201

      PC Specs:

      AMD Ryzen 5 2600

      GTX 1060 6gb

      16gb 3200mhz RAM
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      I discovered this bug while building a automatic honeyfarm. I tested the farm with a beenest and a beehive.
      When bees leaving a beenest they every times add a Honeylevel. If I try this with a beehive it doesn't work.
      I hope you understand my problem and can solve it.
      If you have any questions just ask me.


      Here is a Youtube Video that shows my Problem: https://youtu.be/ASSQfvnNmqk

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