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Customized Team Prefix on Multiplayer


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      I was working on a new Map in Singleplayer and added 4 teams:
      EgyptKiller, EgyptRunner, EgyptSpec and Lobby.
      after that i used NBTExplorer to edit the teamprefix, for example:
      §e§lKiller:§r§e to let the playersname look like Killer: DeathTheFreaky
      This works fine in Singleplayer:

      after the map was ready for testing, i uploaded it to a vanilla minecraft server v 1.5.2 and tryed to connect. But i can't!
      I just get this Error: Internal exception: java.io.IOException: Received string length longer than maximum allowed (18 > 16)
      A friend of mine tryed it to (Minecraftname: gekxus) and he got the same error.
      After that i just used a colorcode in teamprefix and it worked fine.

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