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invisible wall stopping me from moving



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    • Affects Version/s: 1.14.4
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      i have a macbook pro (macOS Mojave version 10.14.5) and use java 8 update 221.  im not too good on computer stuff im not too sure what to put, sorry!
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      hello! i just got this account so i apologise if i enter something wrong :[ now, i've seen this issue happen before, but it's only ever happened with horses in way older versions of minecraft (i think), and it doesn't act like all reports on this similar issue. (that i've seen).

      i could be digging dirt, mining, building, or just walking around in general and for some reason every now and then i'll get this strange invisible wall that i cant get past and can sometimes be in a large spot. it glitches pretty hard whenever i try to move out of it and when i walk out of it, it acts sort of like a cobweb? (by cobweb, i mean that its very slow to move out). it happens in all gamemodes but mostly survival.. also, i have seen cases on here like this but they always get taken as a duplicate of the horse problem, which i am not experiencing.  

      it's kind of hard to explain so im giving you a video below. (apologies if it's hard to see or looks strange, i had to record it with my phone.)

      help would be appreciated to fix this :]

      note: im playing currently and i can place blocks in the "invisible wall" but i cant walk in it ;/



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