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3rd person reverse trident bug


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    • 1.16 Pre-release 8
    • 1.14.4
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    • pulling back a specific trident for the first time while in 3rd person view in creative mode.
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      When a trident is being held back in third person view, its texture is reversed from the norm. this only happens the first time that specific trident is being loaded. if you fire the buggy trident, then pick it up, it works normal. the only way to duplicate it again is to get a new trident altogether. only occurs in creative mode. happens in either of the 3rd person views. in my experience, there was a 100% occurrence rate, and I probably tested it 40-50 times. I know other people have found bugs like this, but I just thought I might give some more info and help clear stuff up.


      Update: I just tested this bug to see if it also happens in the off-hand, and it does. it happens in either hand.

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