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Boat disappears after dismounting


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    • 1.14.4
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    • Windows 10, Java Version 8, Update 144 (build 1.8.9_144-b01) - In the video I am running on Optifine, but it happens still on the regular 1.14.4 official release
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      When traveling on a boat on packed ice in the nether, sometimes the boat "disappears" when I get out of it. It then causes me to become stuck on the boat after getting out and I am unable to break the boat so I can move, it just thinks there's nothing there, but won't let me move as if something is there. This does not always happen, In the attached video it worked as expected the first time, but not the second time.


      Video can be found here: https://youtu.be/r1RHBinqZoU


      What I expected to happen was...:

      If I dismount the boat, I should be able to move and break the boat as needed

      What actually happened was...:

      I dismount the boat, I am unable to see it or move or break the boat. Very frustrating as it happens all the time when getting out of the boat. The only way that I can get around this is to disconnect and reconnect. (This was happening on a server, but I have had this same thing happen on a single player world)

      Steps to Reproduce:

      Packed ice placed every other block in a straight line with at least one other block to the left or right of the line replaced with slabs

      Place boat on the ice and start traveling until hitting top speed

      Reach the end



      (This stretch was around 1000 blocks long)

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