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Lead dupe glitch with bee



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      I was trying to get bees into a bee hive but they would not enter the bee hive so I grabbed my lead hooked it on a bee and dragged the bee into a bee hive when he entered the lead dropped and I picked it up. When the bee left the bee hive I had a lead connected to me with the same bee and when I detached the lead i ended up having 2 leads instead of 1


      What I expected to happen was...

      When I dragged the bee inside of the bee hive and the lead dropped. I picked it up there is only 1 was to drop.


      What actually happened was...

      When the bee entered the bee hive and I got my lead back I was just hanging around the bee hive when I noticed a lead attached to me and i still have the other one in my inventory i detached the one coming from the bee and ended up having 2 leads


      Steps to Reproduce...

      1. Gather a lead
      2. Create and place a bee hive
      3. Get a bee to collect nectar from a flower
      4. Get the bee connected to your lead
      5. Get the bee to enter the bee hive and pick up the lead that was dropped
      6. Wait for the bee to exit out of the bee hive and it should be on a lead connected to you
      7. Disconnect the bee from you and collect the lead
      8. And now you should have 2 leads and not 1 lead   




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