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Vindicators open and close doors rapidly too many times


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      When Vindicators attack Villages in raids, when they open doors, instead of opening them just once, they open and close them rapidly multiple times per second, generating annoying noise and lag, and walking through them at the same time.

      To reproduce

      Build a house in a village like in the screenshots. Give yourself the Bad Omen effect, and spawn a Vindicator in the fenced area to immediately stop the raid from becoming bigger. 
      The Vindicator starts moving back and forth between the interior and exterior of the house.

      The issue seems to become more noticeable/severe the less space there is between the exterior and interior of a house (smaller fenced area outside door = smaller exterior), and the more Villagers or Vindicators are using the door at the same time.

      In general, even when they're not spamming it, it seems like they open the door multiple times instead of just once.
      There are example clips below (turn volume up if you can't hear the door sounds).

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        5. first_examplehouse_with_larger_exterior.png
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