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Frames drop when block broken


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      Longer summary

      I have expressed concern ever since the first release of 1.14 since I had noticed significant frames lost whenever I would break a block, some of my friends have been experiencing the exact same problem.

      Coding or Hardware error?

      I am fully aware that that this is an either coding error or something along those lines and not the users hardware. I use a 1080 TI and I have never experienced issues along these lines before from the nine years I have been playing minecraft

      What exactly happens?

      When a block is in the process of being broken, the user is running at roughly 60 FPS. After the block is broken the user experiences 40FPS for the slightest sliver of time making the game seem choppy and harder to paint a clear image.

      Where it normally happens?

      It is most noticeable in the over world when breaking down trees, when underground there is not much of a problem however it is still slightly noticeable.

      How to engage this Bug?

      1. Engage breaking tree.
      2. Study carefully when block is broken and particles burst from the block.

      My Theory.

       I believe that this has to do with particles, however, when particles are set to none, the problem is still encountered.

      Thank you for your time 

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