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the item frame don't give out the item we've put in and the boat doesn't give itself or disapear


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    • 1.14.4
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    • _*i use Minecraft Java Edition 1.14.4 and including 1.14.0 sometimes.*_

      _*i use a desktop from either 2015 or 2014.*_

      *_and i brought the game from end July or just before the 1.14.4 update._*
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      whenever i put an item in the item frame,i cannot get it back when i'm trying to.

      so i'm forced to destroy the block where the item frame was,but it does not give the item nor the item frame back.


      when i'm using the boat to travel,when i stop to get to the land,when i destroy the boat,if i had my dog with,the boat disapear with the dog.Or if i didn't bring my dog,the boat still disapear.and if i had a lead attashed to my horse or llamas,sometimes they would come back where they had spawned or where i took them.or they would also disapear.

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